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My current research interests are at the intersection of  Human-computer interaction (HCI), VR/ARGame Design & Development, and computer graphics.

I’m currently working in Horizon Lab in the CS Department of University of Rochester, instructed by Professor Yuhao Zhu.

I joined the Xiaoshanhe Independent Game Project team as a game-level designer, UI designer, and programmer. I co-founded Project GC, a community of international student game developers, and was in charge of new media platforms management.

HCI / VR Project

VR Rendering Optimization

Jamestown 3D Reconstruction

Screenshot 2022-02-15 144156_edited.jpg

VR Rendering Optimization

Under the condition that the same visual effect is finally presented, we plan to design a new rendering algorithm which can save display power leveraging the fact that the visual perception of human eyes during saccades is severely impaired.


Rebuild the terrain and architecture of the Jamestown relics through Metashape, then restore and integrate them into the complete relics model in Unity. Then, we import it into the Virtual Reality device (Oculus Quest) and add interactive gaming elements, so that users can have a more profound experience by interacting with the relics while virtually visiting.

Software Development

Software Design & Development

Icon-1024 (3).png

Color Translator is an app that helps users identify and match colors to UI Color values in Swift. Designed to help IOS app developers select distinct colors for their apps, Color Translator enables users to input UI Color values, adjust them based on wanted color, and view the selection based on the background color as it changes in real-time.

Icon-1024 (4).png

Book List is an app that lets users organize their book lists. With Book List, users can add or subtract books from their lists according to their reading schedule. Also, users can record the books they have read through Book List. It is worth mentioning that Book List will update the number of books in the book list created by the user in real-time, which is convenient for the user to sort out and view.


Moody is an iOS app that records a person's memory of every city he had been to. With Moody, users can view real-time weather information for current city and record all their memories in this city. Of course, Moody has also added some interesting travel widgets and developer Easter eggs, which I hope you can find and enjoy~


Santa Clause


In this game, players need to manipulate the Santa Claus on the left and right sides of the road to avoid obstacles on the road while collecting gifts for children on Christmas Eve. The system will automatically record the player's score each time, and the record of the highest score will be displayed in the initial page.

Game Design & Development Project

Game Project

Xiao Shan He

Unity Game Project

In the game, players take on the role of a young Taoist priest, who discovers the truth of his identity and makes a final decision as he finds himself surrounded by strange and interesting stories within the worldview of ancient Chinese fantasy stories.



Twine Game Project

This project is a word game that focuses its design on the overall storyline, inspired by the cosplay storyline I designed with my friend Ada. We are both big fans of Onmyoji; Ada's favorite game character is Aandoun, while my favorite is Onikiri. So we came up with an idea to design a storyline based on the overall worldview and storyline of Onmyoji, as well as the backstory of Aandoun and Onikri, and expressed it through photography works in the form of a split screen. After learning the skills of making a text game through Twine, I added elements from the storyline to the previous one, so different choices of the player could lead to different endings.

PS: Please allow your browser to play sound and video to gain full game experience :)

Video PSA Project

Transcreational Video Project


Now Our Minds

Are One

PSA Video

This Collaborative Video PSA project centers on the Haudenosaunee concept of using the Good Mind or uniting all our minds before making decisions that look 7 generations into the future. Noting the abundant gifts from nature, the PSA promotes a mindful and reciprocal relationship with Mother Earth.

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