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A Bookshelf All Your Own

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  • Book list view: table showing the list of books created by the user

  • Add feature page: allows users to add books into the list with details, including Book Name, Author, Genre, Price, and Publish Year.

  • Delete function: enables users to delete the book from the list

  • Summary feature page: updates and shows the total number of books in the list.

  • Localization in English and Chinese.


Book List is an app that helps users organize and create their own booklists. The original intention of designing and developing this app is that many friends around me, including myself, often forget to record the literature or books they have read before or want to read next after reading a lot. Therefore, I hope that users can record their book lists anytime and anywhere through the app, or when they accidentally see books that appeal to them, they can use the app to record them in time.​


Book List is mainly based on the Core Data. To be more specific, users can enter and record the key features of the book they want to put in the Book List, including Book Title, Author, Genre, Price, and Publish Year. After the user enters the information and presses the "Save" button, the app will record the data and update it in the table view, which is the book list, immediately. Also, if users want to delete a specific book from the list, they can use the "Edit" function to do this. Alerts will appear to remind users if they are sure to delete it so they don't accidentally delete something important.


Also, it is worth noting that the Book List has a summary function. More specifically, Book List will update the total number of books in the list in real-time with the number of books entered by the user, which is convenient for users to view and organize their book lists.

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