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Record Every Piece of Memory Between You and This City

Moody is an iOS app that records a person's memory of every city he had been to. With Moody, users can view real-time weather information for current city and record all their memories in this city. Of course, Moody has also added some interesting travel widgets and developer Easter eggs, which I hope you can find and enjoy~

Screenshots of Color Translator

Italian Streets

Key Features

  • Real-time weather display feature: Get and display local real-time Weather information from the Open Weather Map API based on the user's (simulator) location

  • Moody Book Record feature: save user’s memory, update, and show it in the Moody Book table

  • Add memory function: enable users to input the information to create memory event

  • Web search feature: users can access famous travel guide website “Lonely Planet” directly, and find the specific travel guide of the city they are in

  • Moody Magic feature: randomly generates relaxing and fun activities which users can do during travel to provide users with creative travelling ideas

  • About Information feature: display the important development information of the app

  • Notification feature: display welcome information through push notification

  • Image gallery: enable user to add and change photos attached to memories

  • Custom color feature: Moody has more than three theme colors, and users can tap to change the background color

  • Dark mode feature: support dark mode

  • Localization in English and Chinese

Above the Clouds

Inspiration of Designing Moody

Moody is an iOS app that can help people record their distinct and precious memories in each city. My inspiration for designing Moody is that I often explore various cities as a traveller. Every time I experience a lot of meaningful things or meet many interesting people during the journey, I can only record every beautiful moment through the photos on my phone. Therefore, I hope to create an app to help every person on the journey create their own travel pocketbook. Besides adding photos, users can also write down their feelings and thoughts and record every bit of the journey. To implement this idea, I created a Moody Book feature mainly using Core Data and Table View. Users can input "Memory Name", "Travel Budget", "Duration time", "With who", and "Record" attributes to record the Travel events they thought were important and then save. After this, the system will automatically save the user's input to core Data and shows it up in the Moody Book interface.

Also, I added the city's weather information through the Open Weather Map API to help travellers better know the information of the city they are in right now. To be more specific, users can view real-time updated weather information including "City Name", "Latitude", "Longitude", "Weather", "Temperature", "Humidity", "Min-temperature", "Max-temperature", "Pressure", "Wind speed", and "Wind degree".

In addition to these two main features, I added some interesting features and Easter eggs. More specifically, if travellers encounter unpleasant things during the trip, they can use Moody Magic feature. Moody Magic connects with Bored API, generates randomly, and displays an activity suggestion that will help the user relax.

In the Moody Guide interface, I created a web page using WKWebView. After users opt into the page, they are automatically connected and redirected to Lonely Planet, a popular travel information site. Then, they can search for and create a travel guide for their city.

Also, on the About Moody page, I used user defaults to set and display basic information about Moody and the developer's little easter eggs, which users can unlock through swipe gestures.

To enrich and optimize the UI interface of the entire app, I added UI animation, transitions and set up the auto layout, custom colors, and dark mode support.

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