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Santa Clause Adventure


Here Comes Santa Claus!

Image by Chad Madden
Santa's Love
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  • Record display feature: shows player’s highest score record

  • Setting feature: allows players to change level of difficulty and music

  • Game interaction features: players need to operate Santa Claus to avoid obstacles, collect Christmas gifts

  • Score display feature: displays player’s score after each round

  • Music feature: game music with a strong Christmas atmosphere


The inspiration for our team to design and create this game is that the Christmas of 2021 is coming! Santa Claus Adventure is a game that simulates the day of modern Santa Claus. That's why he's driving the car now. And he is on the way to giving gifts to the children. He must be careful to avoid vehicles, snowmen, and Christmas trees. At the same time, he's also picking up the presents that dropping from the careless guys.

We designed and drew all the elements in the game by ourselves, including the cars, road frame, gift, Santa Claus, snowman, Christmas tree, and start page background. We learned some techniques and codes from a swift game tutorial created by YouTuber Kishan nakum. We have changed some of the game logic and added background music as well as settings for the game difficulty to be adjustable.

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