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Final Render.png

Crimson Lotus Heavy Industries


"Crimson Lotus Heavy Industries" is my first full-process 3D environmental art project. I blend traditional Chinese mythology with Cyberpunk Apocalypse setting, drawing inspiration from movie "Nezha Reborn." From concept design to final rendering, this venture marks my exploration into using 3D to bring my imagination to life. 

"The era of organic life has drawn its curtains
The future of the cosmos belongs to machines
Welcome to the dawn of the Synthetic Age"


Nezha Reference.png

References I collected for different sections 

I draw inspiration from the movie "Nezha Reborn," which boldly innovates by merging traditional Chinese mythology with a Cyberpunk Apocalypse.


Chinese-style Cyberpunk scene in the movie



The overall Blockout and modeling draw inspiration and reference from Taehoon Park's impressive CG work, "Dreaveler," where I aimed to modify the Chinese Traditional elements, such as the metallic lotus experimental platform, and incorporate them in the scene.

Final-Project-Template-Landscape - 副本.png

I named this project "Crimson Lotus Heavy Industries." This choice reflects the overall rusted metallic materials, bio-experiment graffiti, and lighting coordinated in flashing red and green. My intention is to present a bio-hacking laboratory associated with Crimson Lotus Heavy Industries within a Cyberpunk Apocalypse world.

Overall Process Demonstration

All the process captures about how I modeled and sculpted the whole scene

All the process captures about how I did texturing and lighting of the whole scene


To enhance the overall sense of dilapidation within the scene and amplify the impact of heavy mechanical industry, I also utilized the niagara system in UE to generate two distinct forms of sparks resulting from mechanical failures.

Final Rendering

Final Render.png

Final Rendering

Environment Overview.png

Environment Overview


Top-down View on the Metallic Lotus Experimental Platform

Closeup on the Metallic Lotus Experimental Platform

Closeup on the Mechanic Arm

Top-down View on the Nezha Sign


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